Wiggin Out for Carolina Breast Friends

This month, Amber, was asked by Carolina Breast Friends to be a Big Wig for their May campaign.  This is a huge honor as she is doing this in honor of her sister, Tammy, that passed away of breast cancer in 2017.

I have been tasked with raising $7500 that will go directly to The Pink House in Charlotte that provides resources, education, and care for breast cancer patients.  You will see me rocking a pink wig wherever I go!

Carolina Crafts on Tap came about after I lost my sister so that she could create a position where she never had to worry about a job while taking care of a loved one.  We also wanted to create a position where all our employees know that they can do the same and come back to a job.

Tammy had asked that everyone hear her story, so for the first time with the company we will be telling it this month. 

Tammy had a very rare form of breast cancer called Inflammatory Breast Cancer that only affects 5% of patients.  It is not discovered generally until it has progressed to stage 3 or 4.  When they discovered my sister’s she was a stage 3 and had 60 tumors from the left side of her neck to her left breast.  This cancer has a 5 year survival rate and my sister fought hard for 4 years.  It also targets women in their late 30s and early 40s.  She was diagnosed at 38 and passed at 42.

Most people have never heard of this form of breast cancer and it generally is discovered by a bruise or infection.  Due to this, I am hoping to put a spotlight on it so people can be more educated on it.

If you see me out this month in my pink wig ask me about it and please consider donating to my campaign to assist Carolina Breast Friends in serving many more breast cancer patients for years to come.

Donate until May 31st

​Forever Thankful!